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30 Days of Kink – Day 26 – Online play

30 Aug

Day 26: What’s your opinion on online BDSM play?

Well this is how I met and interact with Master, & it suits me fine! I’m generally quite an anti-social person, so being able to communicate without having to be face-to-face, is always good!

I’ve always enjoyed online play, even vanilla. It seems to hold an element of restraint. You can see them, speak too them, hear them… but you can’t touch.

I don’t really have much so say on this matter, so let me know your opinion of online play?

Coming clean…

28 Aug

So, Master sent me a very exciting text today to tell me that he will be giving me a time and a place and that I must be there. This instantly put a grin on my face, until I realised this was not something I could just do.

I have suffered with depression for nearly 9 years now & M.E. for 2 years. This limits a lot of my daily activities.I don’t have the luxury of being spontaneous. Someone must know where I am & who I am with, at all times, to keep me safe and I can’t travel alone out of my local area.

This makes things exceedingly difficult for Master. To meet me, he would have to take time of work and stay locally. So tady I had to come clean and tell him about my illnesses.

My stomach turned as I text him back, my head filled with worry. Why would he want a difficult sub like me when he can get someone closer and more willing?

Waiting for a reply felt like an eternity. My phone buzzed and again, my stomach turned. How would he react? Will he lose interest? No, He wasn’t cross with me, he didn’t judge. He just needed to know where he would have to travel to, to meet me. It was such a relief! I told him how I was scared of telling him & I was sorry that I hadn’t sooner, but all he said in reply was ‘Does not change a thing my lovely slut’.

I’m so lucky to have such an understanding and compassionate Master

For those wondering…

27 Aug

Sorry I haven’t updated my diary for quite some time. Unfortunately Mother Nature is getting her vengeance upon me. I had the contraceptive implant put in 8 weeks ago and bled ever since. It seems mother nature is getting her own back on my young fetile body for not having babies!

Think I’d rather live without sex for a while and have no babies though!

So anyway I’ve been reduce to playing in the shower and pleasing Mr H, until I’m back to normal! Wish men weren’t so squeamish!

Look out for updates!

30 Days of Kink – Day 22 – Relationships

25 Aug

Day 22: What do you think is important in keeping a BDSM relationship healthy?  How does it differ from a vanilla relationship?

It’s so so important to be open & honest in all relationships, but especially so in BDSM relationships.
A BDSM relationship can very quickly break down if the sub doesn’t feel heard or the dom/domme isn’t being listened to. It’s important to share feelings; likes & dislikes.

Also with BDSM relationships feelings tend to be magnified. The amount of trust you put into your partner; The love & devotion, all make for a deeper relationship. Things move quicker & are more exciting.

Naughty girls don’t get good things…

2 Aug

So my day seemed to getting worse by the minute… but that was soon to be turned around. Usually I’d drive to Mr. H’s, he worked hard & it was only fair that I be good to him and let him sleep afterwards. So, when my car broke down I was distraught. I’d planned to fuck him nearly a week ago & the day I get to see him… this happens… Typical!

Mr H was in a good mood, thankfully & told me a needed a good fucking. He turned up late. I’m sure he did this on purpose; He knew how much I wanted him. I got in the car as he smirked and quickly sped off down my quiet, somber road. I glanced at him, as we sat in silence; passing sleepy houses, and cruising deserted roads.

He pulled into a well-lit car park, the other side of town; Parked up and pushed his seat back. “Come here”, he said. I shook my head. I love being defiant. It makes me feel like a naughty little girl, except being told off is not such a punishment!
I pushed my seat back and glanced at him again, demurely, inviting him to take me. I didn’t need to say anything, before I knew it he had closed the gap between our seats his lips pressed to mine, his fingers traced the edge of my jeans. “Take them off”, he growled. His muscles pressed my slender frame. I could feel his body heaving against mine. I obeyed. I slipped my had between us, ‘accidently’ stroking his hard cock though his joggers, on the way to my button. He groaned. I love hearing him groan; The little noises that escape his facade. I released the button of my jeans and wriggled them down just enough for him to see my panties. A black mesh thong with ribbon laced up the front. “Take them off”, he repeating. Slightly more forceful than the last time. I took them off beneath him & then he lost all patience.

He lowered the back of the seat, grabbed my hips and forced me further up the chair, before burring his head between my legs. He was incredible. His tongue relentlessly lapped against my clit, sending waves though my body. Nobody had ever made me orgasm like this. Another wave crashed over me. Utter bliss. My legs began to shake, my back arched & before I could hold it off any longer, I came.

He wiped his on my legs & for some reason I found that incredibly sexy. He bought his face to mine, tangled his fingers into me hair and kissed me. He liked me to taste myself & I must admit, I probably enjoyed it just as much as he did. My tongue circled his as I ran my hands down his back pushing his joggers down below his hips. He was still so hard and I wanted him. I desperately wanted him. I took his cock in-hand and guided it towards me. I couldn’t wait any longer; I wanted him inside me.

I rubbed the head of his cock up and down my wet lips; Feeling him against my clit. Then I grabbed his gorgeous ass and pulled him inside me. He let out another moan, a rumble of pleasure as he thrust into me. He felt so good. The weight of his body on mine, his breath on my cheek & his fingertips sinking into my back as he fucked me, my legs wrapped tightly round him. It took minutes before I could feel my pussy pulsating around his length. I felt him begin to throb inside me. I nuzzled into his neck biting his collar bone to stop me from screaming out as I came. Seconds later I felt him explode inside me, filling my up with his come. A mini orgasm rippled though me once more, at the feeling of him coming inside me.

I guess it’s not true that naughty girls don’t get good things.

Dressing up for Mr. W…

1 Aug

I’d been so looking forward to seeing Mr.W. I craved him inside me. It had been just over a week since I’d seen him last, yet I yearned for him.

So there I was sitting in my car outside his. Just a corset & undies on beneath my coat.I was early. I couldn’t bear the anticipation any longer. I needed him. I strolled up to his door, and gently knocked on it. Almost instantly he pulled open the door. He was beautiful. There he stood, in just a towel, water beaded off his body. He wasn’t wasting any time, that’s for sure. He pulled me inside, kissing me as he dragged me towards the bedroom. As he turned around to shut the door, I shrugged off my coat, a devious look on my face.

He turned around his eyes taking in every curve of my body. He looked at me, biting his lip as something stirred underneath that towel. He strode over to me, gripping my shoulders he pushed me onto the bed & pounced on me like an animal; a beast. The ran his fingers down the bones of my black satin corset, stopping short of my panties. “The things I’m going to do to you…”, he growled.

Before I knew it his head was between my legs, nuzzling, as he struggled to rip my stockings off. His kisses laced my skin as I ran my fingers through his hair, gently tugging it & then almost as punishment, he sank his teeth into my thigh. I moaned deeply, writhing below him. Then again,his teeth grazed my skin. I was wet.

To be continued… 😉

Spank me?

30 Jul