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Coming clean…

28 Aug

So, Master sent me a very exciting text today to tell me that he will be giving me a time and a place and that I must be there. This instantly put a grin on my face, until I realised this was not something I could just do.

I have suffered with depression for nearly 9 years now & M.E. for 2 years. This limits a lot of my daily activities.I don’t have the luxury of being spontaneous. Someone must know where I am & who I am with, at all times, to keep me safe and I can’t travel alone out of my local area.

This makes things exceedingly difficult for Master. To meet me, he would have to take time of work and stay locally. So tady I had to come clean and tell him about my illnesses.

My stomach turned as I text him back, my head filled with worry. Why would he want a difficult sub like me when he can get someone closer and more willing?

Waiting for a reply felt like an eternity. My phone buzzed and again, my stomach turned. How would he react? Will he lose interest? No, He wasn’t cross with me, he didn’t judge. He just needed to know where he would have to travel to, to meet me. It was such a relief! I told him how I was scared of telling him & I was sorry that I hadn’t sooner, but all he said in reply was ‘Does not change a thing my lovely slut’.

I’m so lucky to have such an understanding and compassionate Master

20 Days of Kink – Day 25 – Honesty

28 Aug

Day 25: How open are you about your kinks?

I’m generally a very open & honest person, but when it comes to my kinky side, I feel I have to keep this hidden. In today’s society, mainly to non-fetishists, my sexual preferences & experiences would make me known as a ‘slut’.

This is also probably one of the only secret’s I have. It’s nice to keep something to yourself once in a while. Something to smile about while you’re at work, because no one could possibly guess what you’re thinking, or what you did last night!