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Spank me Master?

4 Sep

Sinful Sunday

A picture for Master…

28 Aug

Master asks me to take sexy pictures for him on a regular basis. Not only is this for his satisfaction, but it is also to prove that I’m wearing the underwear he told me to wear that day.

Sinful Sunday

Whip me, spank me, pull my hair…

2 Aug


Dressing up for Mr. W…

1 Aug

I’d been so looking forward to seeing Mr.W. I craved him inside me. It had been just over a week since I’d seen him last, yet I yearned for him.

So there I was sitting in my car outside his. Just a corset & undies on beneath my coat.I was early. I couldn’t bear the anticipation any longer. I needed him. I strolled up to his door, and gently knocked on it. Almost instantly he pulled open the door. He was beautiful. There he stood, in just a towel, water beaded off his body. He wasn’t wasting any time, that’s for sure. He pulled me inside, kissing me as he dragged me towards the bedroom. As he turned around to shut the door, I shrugged off my coat, a devious look on my face.

He turned around his eyes taking in every curve of my body. He looked at me, biting his lip as something stirred underneath that towel. He strode over to me, gripping my shoulders he pushed me onto the bed & pounced on me like an animal; a beast. The ran his fingers down the bones of my black satin corset, stopping short of my panties. “The things I’m going to do to you…”, he growled.

Before I knew it his head was between my legs, nuzzling, as he struggled to rip my stockings off. His kisses laced my skin as I ran my fingers through his hair, gently tugging it & then almost as punishment, he sank his teeth into my thigh. I moaned deeply, writhing below him. Then again,his teeth grazed my skin. I was wet.

To be continued… 😉

Spank me?

30 Jul